Film Submission

Welcome. As a indie film maker you will be able to upload your film/show to the ISETV network.

Package ONE

This upload will allow your film to be placed on ISETV Mobile App for 2 month. Your film will be able to receive monetization (with paid ad space) with a free Film Trailer Created by our staff. Also Your film will qualify for Virtual Realty movie theater viewing for 2 weeks. (All submissions are apon approvel)

Package TWO

You will be eligible for your film to be placed on the ISETV Channel on ROKU BOX and AMAZON FIRE TV and will include all features from package one.(All submissions are apon approvel)

Package THREE

You will be eligible for your film to have a Movie Premier at the Virtual Movie Theater on the ISETV app. This will allow you to sale virtual tickets and VR ISETV Glasses for your premier. This package also will include package one and two (All submissions are apon approvel) THIS PACKAGE IS COMING SOON (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) Sign up to our class to get started now

Cast Members Receive your own Mobile Streaming App (Powerd By Nise Connections)

We welcome all up in coming actors and actress. We hope our new way of providing services to all indie actors and actress will be adopted to the film industry. Actors and Actress that have played any roles in any tv shows or films that has been placed on our network can receive their own REEL Mobile App. All apps are through referrals. If you do not already have your own REEL App go to the ISETV app and check what movie you have played a part in and contact the Movie / Film owner to get referred to receive your “REEL App”. This app will allow you to receive half of monetized income from the movie / film you played in.

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