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Exclusive Cast Signup

We welcome all up in coming actors and actress. We hope our new way of providing services to all indie actors and actress will be adopted to the film industry. Actors and Actress that have played any roles in any tv shows or films that has been placed on our network can sign up below. If you believe you will be in any films that could possibly be placed on our network you can also sign up below. Once you sign up you will be placed in our database. A film/tv show owner will add you in their cast list and once 5000 views are reached the tv show/movie can be monetized and you will receive payouts for being a cast in that tv show/film. Sign Up Here

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(Coming Soon) Upload your content to your profile and have your movies and shows automaticlly placed on your own mobile streaming app. email us for more info.

Just Us N Them Productions

Sign up to our monthly membership and receive discounts on the following. Film Production Such As:
A Camera Crew.
Film Editing.
Sound Team
Soundtracks and Scores
And a streaming service to receive payments
For More Info: Call Just Us N Them Productions: 267-388-7178
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